Travian Hack

Travian Hack

Travian is a persistent, browser-based, massively multiplayer, online real-time strategy (lots of terms huh?) game developed by the German software company Travian Games. The game has over 5 million players on over 300 game servers worldwide.

Travian is an excellent game, but the introduction of gold is definitely ruining it. We’re totally not saying it’s pay-to-win. Except, you know, it is.

Gold is a serious advantage for those who want and can afford to buy it. There is little fun for all of the legit players. What’s the point of playing for hours if your army can be obliterated by a golded up hero?

There are a few solutions. This one is definitely the best:

Travian Gold Hack

As you can see above, the interface is pretty clear. Adding any of the resources (gold included!) is a straightforward process which doesn’t take long.

The way this tool works is also undetectable, which means your account is always safe.

Download below:


Before using the hack, make sure you have Travian open in your browser and you are logged in. Then, click the “Detect Browser” button. If successful, click “Connect to Account” and if that succeeds as well, you can start working on getting the resources and gold.

Have fun!