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Touch Monchy is a puzzle game, available for both iOS and Android, where you match tiles of various types, often giving different effects. The game employs some of the standard mechanics, although in interesting ways, which make it rather fun and engaging. Due to limited moves on each level, the player has to think twice before acting, and if he or she doesn’t, it gets very easy to mess up and lose, especially later in the game. The audio-visual aspects of the game are well done, which is always a very good bonus – the graphics are pleasant and fitting, and the sounds are of high quality.

While all of the above sounds fine and dandy, the reality always has a second side to it. Touch Monchy has some of the more aggravating problems (or ways for the developers to make money). The greatest one is the fact that your lives are limited, and if you are not willing to pay, you will only get one life replenished every 15 minutes. Which is a pretty long time, considering you can lose a level in less than a minute. Obviously this causes frustration, which may in turn cause you to pay for more lives. And, well, if you don’t, the game will just leave you frustrated. That’s it. Additionally there are boosts that may help with the more difficult levels, and you’d need a lot of them to play efficiently, which once again means paying out of your pocket.

With all of this in mind, it was just a matter of time before some interesting tools are created. We have added one such tool to our directory – the one we’ve decided is the best and has more than acceptable security measures in place.

Touch Monchy Cheats

This Touch Monchy Hack can do quite a few things for you. It gives you the ability to add both Coins and Gems to your account, which makes it much easier to progress, and of course eliminates the need to spend half of your salary on boosts and the like. It’s also possible to get infinite moves on each level, as well as infinite lives (essentially, you won’t lose a life every time you start a level).

Download below:

Download LINE Touch Monchy Generator

To use the tool, download it onto your PC and launch it. Connect your mobile device to the PC (via USB or bluetooth), select the device type (Android or iOS) and press “Connect”. Next, type in the amounts of currencies that you want to acquire, optionally select any of the two cheats, and press “Start”. It shouldn’t take more than 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!