Total Conquest Hack

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Total Conquest is a management and strategy game developed and published by Gameloft. You could easily say it’s yet another attempt at mimicking Clash of Clans (which it obviously is…), but this game stands out from the rest. The 3D graphics are very well done, the colors are lush and vibrant, the interface is neat and intuitive. On top of it all, the sound effects and music are also on the higher levels of quality.

However, like with most other games, Total Conquest has its own flaws and little annoyances. The game’s performance leaves a lot to be desired, for example. Pop-ups that you tap accidentally don’t help. This is also a freemium game, which means you have all kinds of timers and hindrances, which can be removed with the use of crowns – the premium currency. You could of course buy the crowns with your hard earned money, but we have a better method.

The Total Conquest Hack we decided to include in our directory has all the features you will need. It’s easy to use and more importantly, safe – the changes it makes in the game simulate real app behavior, which means they are undetectable to the game’s servers. We’ve run extensive tests ourselves and monitored the hack’s activity. You practically cannot get banned for using it, and the changes won’t be reversed.

Total Conquest Hack

The hack can be used to cheat in Total Conquest by generating the two main resources – food and gold, or by adding crowns. Using the hack just once will also remove all the ads within the game (if present).

This is an online tool, which means you don’t have to download anything. You can use it on your PC, or straight from your mobile device:


Go To Total Conquest Crowns Generator


To use the hack, click on the button above to go to the site. Type in your username, select the device you are playing on (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC) and proceed to the next step. Select the amounts of resources that you want to receive, then confirm your selection and wait for the program to do its work. The information the console displays might be useful and important, but it’s not really necessary to pay attention to it. The process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Have fun!