Topps HUDDLE Hack

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Topps HUDDLE is one of the trading card games created and released by Topps (the others being BUNT and KICK). It’s one of the best titles in its genre, featuring many collectible cards, football statistics, trading between players, competitive gameplay, leaderboards, social tools and even integrated twitter feeds. This app is a one-stop shop for all football fans.

Just like in the other two Topps apps, HUDDLE has in-app purchases in the form of coins, which can be used to buy new packs of cards to build your fantasy team. It’s also possible to occasionally get coins (in small amounts) for free, but buying them with real money is faster and better if you want a lot of them. We have acquired a new tool for this game which allows you to get coins for free, and after some tests decided to add it to our directory.

The Topps HUDDLE Hack can be used to safely generate any amount of coins. By “safely” we mean you won’t ever be banned for using this hack, and the changes it makes won’t be reversed. This is because of how the tool works – by simulating real app behavior, it tricks the game’s servers and makes it appear as if you really bought or earned the coins in a normal way. This makes the hack undetectable.

Topps HUDDLE Coins Hack

Download below:


Download Topps Huddle Cheat


To use the hack, first connect your mobile device (iOS) to your desktop computer, then launch the tool and press “Connect”. Once connected, type in the amount of coins you want added to the game and press “Start”. The hacking process shouldn’t take more than 1 min.