Tiny Thief Hack (Bewitched Unlocker)

Tiny Thief Cheats

Tiny Thief is a point and click adventure game, set in a vaguely medieval period.

In March 2014, a new set of levels called Bewitched was released and can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. This doesn’t sound too good for the people who bought the game back when it wasn’t free and now have to pay, well, for the game again.

Even if you got Tiny Thief for no cost, we think labeling anything as “free” while making users pay for content anyway is straight nonsense (who’s the thief now, rovio?). That’s why we retrieved this tiny tool from the far reaches of the internet.

Tiny Thief Hack

The Tiny Thief Toolbox, created by a skilled user (going by the name RoviocracY) of one of the foreign hacking forums, will allow you to unlock the final chapter of the game, for free. As it should have been from the beginning.

As a bonus feature, you can also choose to always receive 3 stars, regardless of what you actually achieve on a given level.

Download below:


Download Tiny Thief Bewitched Unlocker


To use it, simply connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, launch the toolbox, then select your mobile device type (iOS or Android) and press Connect. Once it’s connected, select one of the two features and press Start. The process is usually very quick. That’s it! Enjoy!