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The Gate is a free to play CCG (collectible card game) created by Mobage, Inc. It’s also labeled as an RTS, but honestly it has little to do with real RTS games. Calling it an action game would be much more suitable. Regardless, The Gate focuses heavily on managing your deck, evolving and leveling the cards, upgrading your disciples’ skills. This is where the game shines – the CCG elements are very well done and that places this title at the top of its genre.

Now comes the bad part – The Gate makes use of an energy system (called “hope”) which will prevent you from playing for a while if you reach zero. Alternatively, you can pay with real money to have the energy refilled. Real money, or more precisely the premium currency you buy, can be exchanged for hope, soul coins (the regular currency), rare cards, instant skill upgrades, captus, more deck space and so on. This game is addictive, and has a lot of elements where in-app purchases are the perfect solution… for the developer, who gets your hard earned money.

The Gate Hack we’ve just added to our directory can be used to modify the game in many ways, and the premium currency you add is all you really need. This tool was programmed with emphasis on security and the changes it makes are practically undetectable to game servers, which means you won’t be banned, and the changes won’t be reversed.

The Gate Gold Hack

This cheat for The Gate can be used to generate the main two currencies, gold and soul coins, in any amount. You can also increase the maximum hope limit, or increase the amount of cards you can have at a time. This tool also gives you an option to disable the energy system entirely, giving you unlimited hope.

The gold you add to the game can be used for everything else – refilling energy, getting soul coins, captus etc.

Download below:


Download The Gate Gold Hack


To use the hack, launch it on your desktop computer, and:

  • If you are playing the game on facebook, have it open in your browser, then select Facebook in the hack and press “Connect”;
  • If you are playing on your mobile device, connect it to your computer, select either Android or iOS and press “Connect”.

Once connected, type in the amounts of gold coins or soul coins that you want to receive, select any other features (card limit, hope limit or unlimited hope) and press “Start”. The whole hacking process shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.