The Croods Hack

The Croods Free Gems

The Croods is a game based on a movie with the same title. Created by Rovio (the maker of Angry Birds), this game is a lot of fun – you’ll be capturing wild animals, taming them, raising them, and feeding them. In addition to that, you will be completing chores given to you by Gran, the local old person.

The Croods is a “freemium” type of game, with in-app purchases. Sounds pretty good so far. But your opinion on the game may change very quickly.

There are some things in this game that are just plain wrong. Like the amount of money you’d have to pay for crystals/gems to progress through it. Pop-ups, disappointing updates and internet connection errors, despite the fact your device is connected to the internet.

With the game’s popularity, and its level of annoyance, it didn’t take long for someone to develop a program for The Croods – one that can take care of all the problems we mentioned.

The Croods Hack

Just take a look at it – there’s everything you’d ever want, crammed in a small window.

You can add coins, or crystals/gems. Money problem solved. Next, you can enable offline mode – a very useful feature which will bring an end to all the internet connection errors, as well as the in-game ads.

Download below: