Tale Seeker Hack

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Tale Seeker is a trading card game by Sway Mobile Inc., available on Android devices. The game features a lot of seemingly random characters (which are in the public domain), which kind of makes sense if you think about it – you are supposed to visit various famous worlds. The graphics are okay, although they may seem out of place sometimes. The audio is fine as well. When it comes to the actual gameplay, it will most likely be confusing at first, but you should get the hang of it eventually. Combat has plenty of subtle complexity, like matching your cards against a particular enemy, eg. fire vs water.

This is a freemium title so it’s obvious it can be a money grab, especially with the high price tags on some purchases. Having a ton of diamonds or the money to buy other things is sure to speed up progress and make things less frustrating. If you are unwilling to spend a lot of money, you will have a tougher time than paying players. A tool was created precisely because of this gap between free and premium gameplay, one that will allow you to cheat and get what you want for free.

The tool we found is free and safe to use. It utilizes a few glitches in the network system of the game to modify it, while remaining undetectable.

Tale Seeker Hack

The Tale Seeker hack has a simple yet powerful interface, and the options you need.

Main features:

  • Safe and easy to use – no chance of getting banned
  • Works on any Android device the game runs on
  • Allows you to generate Coins and Gems (well… diamonds)
  • Has a God Mode option that makes you unbeatable
  • Has an auto-update feature that checks for updates whenever you start the hack

Download below:

Download Tale Seeker hack

To use the program download and open it on your PC. Connect your Android device via USB or Bluetooth and press “Connect” in the window. The status text should change to “Connected” after a short while. Next, type in how many coins and diamonds you want to receive, optionally selecting God Mode, and press “Start”. The process should be done after 1 to 2 minutes. Have fun!