Sunshine Bay Hack

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Sunshine Bay is a simulation game created by Game Insight. You start as the owner of a small island, and the objective is to build a dream resort and a vacation center for everybody, full of luxury hotels, yachts and various forms of entertainment. The game also has interesting quests, revolving around old treasure maps, sea monsters and the like. You can play with your friends and visit their islands, too.

Sunshine Bay is a good game if you want to spend a few minutes each day managing the island, but all the timers and the constant lack of resources and passengers can get irritating pretty fast. Because of that, we went ahead and searched the internet for a good tool for the game, and added one to our directory.

The Sunshine Bay hack is a great tool which will eliminate the need for in-app purchases or all timers completely. It’s a secure program, which is one of the main reasons we picked it over others – it won’t get you banned because of how it works (in simple terms: making it appear as if you really earned/bought the resources, waited enough time for the timers, etc).

Sunshine Bay Cheats

As you can see above, this hack will work for all platforms that Sunshine Bay is available on – Facebook, iOS and Android. It can be used to add the premium currency Sunshine Cash, Coins, to disable all timers and unlock all land extensions on your island. Remember, Sunshine Cash can be used to get more passengers or fuel instantly!

Download below:


Download Sunshine Bay Cheat


To use the hack, launch it on your desktop computer, and select the platform you are playing on (Facebook, iOS or Android). If you are playing on facebook on your computer, have the game open in the background. If you are playing on your mobile device, connect it beforehand using USB or bluetooth. Once you select the platform, press “Connect”. When connected, type in the amount of Sunshine Cash and Coins you want to receive, optionally selecting the two additional features, and press “Start”. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute.