SOL Stone of Life Hack

SOL Stone of Life Logo

SOL: Stone of Life is a fantasy action RPG for iOS and Android, created by Oddy Arts. It’s a top-view game that carries some similarities to Diablo, for example, as it is a hack n slash game at its core. The player goes from dungeon to dungeon, clearing waves of enemies on his or her way to the final encounter with a much tougher boss. It’s also possible to buy items such as potions, armor or weapons from merchants to further improve your hero.

This game if fairly enjoyable, definitely one of the better titles when it comes to in-app purchases, although it can become a grindfest later on, or you may sometimes find yourself in need of gold or other supplies. There is a premium currency, gems, that you can use to get more gold and a lot of different items to help your character. Of course you have to pay real money to get them, which is far from ideal, so we added a SOL Stone of Life hack to our directory.

SOL Stone of Life tool

The picture above shows how the gems generator looks like, and as you can see it’s very simple and easy to use. You can add any amount of gems that you like, but it’s probably a good idea not to add millions of them since it’s not necessary. Like with other tools, we tested this SOL Stone of Life cheat to make sure it’s safe, and it is – our test accounts that we boosted with tons of gems weeks ago are working fine, the items we bought (and the gems themselves) are still there.

Download below:

Download SOL Stone of Life hack

To use this program, download it and launch on your computer. Plug in your mobile device, select its operating system (iOS or Android) and press connect, then wait for a short while. After it’s connected, type in the amount of gems you want to receive, press generate and wait again (this part shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 minutes).