Runescape Gold Generator

Runescape Gold Generator

Runescape is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by Jagex. The game has over 200 million accounts created and is definitely one of the most recognized titles in the MMO industry.

We decided to look for a working generator, despite the game’s recent drop in popularity caused by the release of Runescape 3 (or did the numbers drop so drastically after Jagex cracked down on all the bots? You decide!).

Runescape definitely isn’t for everyone, but most of the people who play develop a love-hate relationship with it. The game truly offers a lot, is frequently updated with new content and has many unique systems, skills, items, monsters, you name it.

There’s one thing that defeats most of the fun though – the endless, painful grind. Some people say it’s Runescape’s charm, others don’t speak so well of it.

Runescape Gold Generator

For those of you who don’t want to spend half of your lifetime acquiring all the gold for prayer, rares and end-game equipment, we have a solution: The Runescape Gold Generator. It’s very simple and very effective at the same time. Our team tested it over a period of a few weeks, the results were more than satisfying.

The Runescape Gold Generator has a few core features such as auto-update and anti-ban. The new version also works for Runescape 2007.

You can download it below:


Download Runescape Gold Generator

Last update: April 2017


To use it, simply run it on your PC and follow the instructions:

1. Make sure you have 2 noted tin ore and 5 noted shrimp in your inventory, and nothing else, otherwise it won’t work (this is to make sure you use the generator on your own character).
2. Open the file “RS Gold Generator v3.15.exe”
3. Type in your email (or username) and select the amount of gold you want
4. Hit “Generate!” and wait until the process is done
5. Wait around 5 min – 10 min THEN log in
6. Check your pockets

From the creator: “Since the tool uses a “back entrance” into the database, the changes it makes are undetectable. Make sure to not run around telling every player how cool you are with your unlimited gold, and you will be fine. Use common sense.”

Enjoy the game!