Robocraft Hack

Robocraft Hack

Robocraft is a free online game, where you can build your own vehicles and fight with them online. The game is developed by FreeJam, a team of five based in Portsmouth, UK.

Some time ago it was possible to hack the game using very simple methods (with cheat engine, for example). It’s definitely not that easy anymore, but there still are working tools for Robocraft, and one of them has just been added to our directory.

The hack we found and tested recently has a hefty amount of features, see below:

Robocraft Unlimited CPU Hack

The current version of the Robocraft Hack Tool has the following features:

  • Tier locking – if enabled, new parts added to your robot will not rise its tier. This feature makes it possible to, for example, play on tier 1 with T10 cubes.
  • Unlimited CPU – does exactly what it says.
  • No Spread – no spread on weapons, especially useful for lasers (SMGs). Does practically nothing for rails, but plasma cannons will fire at one spot with pin-point accuracy. It can be beneficial when fighting one enemy, but if you want to do AOE damage, or have a better chance at hitting a flying robot, it’s best to leave this option off.

The “currencies” tab allows you to add Robo Points and Galaxy Cash directly to your account, in any amount. It’s also possible to generate tech points (they will be added as Uber Tech Points).

Speed hack is the last option (and your speed can be scaled to a maximum of x20).

All of the above features can be used safely, as this tool was programmed with a lot of attention to security (and yes, we tested that extensively!).

Download below:


Download Robocraft Hack

You don’t have to be logged out for the hack to work, but you might need to relog to see the changes.



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