Robocraft Hack

Robocraft Hack

Robocraft is a free online game, where you can build your own vehicles and fight with them online. The game is developed by FreeJam.

In the early stages of the game it was possible to hack it using very simple methods (with cheat engine, for example). It’s definitely not that easy anymore, but there are working tools for Robocraft, and one of them has just been added to our directory.

June 2017 Update:

The hack we found and tested recently has a hefty amount of features, see below:

Robocraft Hack

The current version of the Robocraft Hack Tool has the following features:

  • Unlimited CPU – You can place as many cubes and elements as you want, with no pFLOPS limit
  • Unlimited Energy – Your robot’s energy (or power) never runs out
  • No Weapon Spread – Your weapons always fire at the spot you are pointing at, so you can for example fire rails with perfect accuracy while moving, or spam laser fire without losing accuracy
  • Disable Recharge – Recharge (cooldown) is disabled globally for your robot, so you can blink repeatedly, for example; works great with the Unlimited Energy option
  • Instant Reload – Works only for weapons that have a reload time, such as rails

This cheating tool also has an in-built currency generator that allows you to add Robits to your account. It’s also possible to add 30 days of premium to your account. If you already have premium and select this option, the time will still be capped at 30 days (this is a limitation in Robocraft server-side code that cannot be omitted at this time). If you have more than 30 days, nothing will happen.

Speed and damage hacks are the last options. While the damage doesn’t really have a limit, speed values of over x10 often caused the game to crash and behave unpredictably, that’s why the limitation was put in the hack.

All of the above features can be used safely, as this tool was programmed with a lot of attention to security (and yes, we tested that extensively!).

Download below:


Download Robocraft Hack

The game has to be open and you have to be logged in for the hack to work. Most changes work instantly, with the exception of Robits generator and premium time. If you use those features, you have to restart the game.



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