Rival Knights Hack

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Rival Knights is an action game developed by Gameloft. It’s all about jousting – fighting other knights (NPCs or players), tournaments, purchasing new horses and equipment such as lances. Players can progress through a single-player story or join PvP events. The game features great graphics and interesting, engaging gameplay.

Unfortunately, Rival Knights has all the annoying freemium elements of modern games. Tokens which are needed to play act as an energy system, premium currency which can be bought with real money – it’s all there. Gemstones can be exchanged for gold or the two token types, which means paying players get a significant advantage.

We’ve recently acquired a hack for Rival Knights and added it to our directory for a few reasons:

  • To give you a way of obtaining gems, even if you can’t / don’t want to pay;
  • To not waste your time with all the fakes and malware on the internet (and there’s lots since the game is popular). This tool comes from a foreign team of programmers (or hackers if you want to call them that), and they are definitely serious about what they do.
  • To give you security – each tool in our directory is tested and monitored. This hack has in-built security measures which will prevent your account from being banned, or the changes it makes from being reversed. It’s undetectable to the game servers and acts as if you really bought gems, or earned the gold in the game.

Rival Knights Gems Cheat

This hack can be used to easily generate and add Gold and Gemstones. Gemstones can then be exchanged for tokens if you don’t want to wait for them to replenish.

Download below:


Download Rival Knights Cheat


To use the hack, connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, then launch the tool. Select your mobile device type (iOS, Android or Windows Phone) and press “Connect”. Once connected, type in the amounts of gold and gems that you want added and press “Start”. It shouldn’t take more than 1 minute for the whole process to finish.