Reign of Dragons Hack

Reign of Dragons Gems Hack

Reign of Dragons is a game created for iOS and Android by Drecom Co., Ltd. It’s a Card Role-playing and battle game, or something close to that.

It’s a pretty cool game that doesn’t put too much emphasis on in-app purchases (if you don’t want to progress through it like crazy in one day, that is).

So you may not want crazy progress, but being unable to play when you want to sure is frustrating. That’s where this tool becomes very handy:

Reign of Dragons infinite stamina

There are just a few features, but what’s more important is that it works (wouldn’t be here otherwise, duh!), and targets the most important (and frustrating) aspects of the game.

Stamina runs out pretty fast, but we’re sure you already know that. Stamina potions are, well, kind of rare. You could buy them with gems, acquired with your real money, but you don’t really want to end up with empty pockets by the end of the day.

The hack has one interesting feature – enabling infinite stamina. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend the premium currency on anything, but want to enjoy the game.

Apart from that, you can just add gems or dragon coins.

Download below:


Download Reign of Dragons Hack

For the tool to work properly, you need to run it on your computer and connect to your mobile device.

The game doesn’t have to be running when the hack is working, but it will still do its job.