Real Steel World Robot Boxing Hack

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Logo

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a fighting game developed by Reliance Games, inspired by the movie Real Steel.

The game itself is very decent – awesome fights, great graphics and robot designs. Why are we listing a tool for it in our directory then? Same as (almost) always – it’s a free-to-play game, with annoying timers, limiting energy system and aggressive advertisements.

The Real Steel WRB hack we found has everything you need to remove the “flaws” listed above. There are a few key features, and the cheats are easy to use.

Real Steel WRB Hack

The main feature is the currency generator, which can be used to add any amount of coins, or gold. There’s also the option to unlock all robots.

Our tests showed the changes this tool makes are practically undetectable, so there’s no chance for them to be reversed.

Using the hack on your game will automatically disable the ads. You can then use the generated gold to replenish energy and skip timers. Flaws gone!

Download below:


Download Real Steel WRB Hack


To use the hack, connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, launch it, select your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and press “Connect”. After it’s connected, select the features you want and press “Start”.

The little U button can be used to check for updates. The X just closes the program.