Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames Hack

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Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames is a browser-based, strategy MMO developed by the company Kabam. The game has a somewhat simple story, the main objective is to unite the empire. There are some interesting features, such as choosing one of the three factions (which has an impact on the story and later on, PvP) and city-building. Most of the decisions you make are meaningless though, and their outcome is always completely predictable. The graphics and art are probably the greatest part of Ravenmarch.

This game is a free to play title with premium features. The premium currency, diamonds, can be obtained by spending real-world cash. Players who spend money on Ravenmarch have a huge advantage over those who don’t. They will develop their accounts much faster than others, and they will always dominate in PvP, which is a classical example of pay-to-win, hated by many players. If you can’t pay for the premium features, or simply don’t want to, we have a solution.

The hack for Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames we’ve recently acquired and added to our directory can be used to generate any amount of the premium currency, as well as resources. It’s safe to use, because the changes this hack makes are undetectable to the game’s servers – you just can’t get banned for using it, and the changes won’t be reversed.

Ravenmarch Empire in Flames Hack

As you can see above, the cheats available in this tool can add as many diamonds to your account as you want. It’s also possible to generate any of the main game’s resources – gold, timber, food and iron, or upgrade your account to any of the 6 VIP levels. Selecting a VIP of level 0 will simply disable the feature, if you don’t want to upgrade.

Download below:


Download Ravenmarch Diamonds Cheat


To use the cheat, launch it on your PC and type in your Ravenmarch account email (or your facebook email if you are playing on facebook). Next, type in the amounts of currencies / resources you want added, select the VIP level upgrade and press “Start”. The hacking shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute. If you were logged in the game, you might need to relog to see the changes.