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Pony Princess, also called Pony City on Android, is a fantasy simulation game focused on ponies… well, very dragon-like ponies. Your task is to grow food, feed them, build new habitats and breed your creatures to obtain various hybrids, some of which are really rare. The graphics in this game are pretty simple and the sound/music could use some work, plus the developers are far from mastering the English language (not that we are close), but if you ignore all of this than it’s an acceptable experience.

Actually, scratch that. It would be if the game didn’t bother you with in-app purchases every now and then. And the timers. The ridiculously long timers that force you to logout/exit and come back many hours later to be able to do anything. As you may have guessed, this is where we come in – we added a new tool to our directory, the Pony Princess hack. This piece of software can be used by anyone to add unlimited coins, foods and bucks. Bucks, being the game’s premium currency are especially useful, they are really the only thing you need because you can buy more food and coins using them. Skipping timers is also possible with the use of bucks.

Pony Princess Cheats

As you can see above, the hack looks simple enough. Its use is also just as easy. If you are playing on facebook, you can skip the “Connect” section completely, just remember to have the game open in the background. If you are playing on your mobile device, connect it to the PC, select iOS or Android (depending on your device) and press “Connect”. The tool will notify you once it establishes a connection. Next, fill out the fields. If you don’t want to add a resource, leave the field empty or type 0 (zero). Press “Start” and enjoy!


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Remember that you may need to relog to see any changes.