Oz: Broken Kingdom Hack

Oz: Broken Kingdom Logo

Oz Broken Kingdom is a new RPG game, with some elements of trading card games. It’s available for the iOS and Android devices. While it’s not a revolutionary title, it should be said that this game has a lot of good elements, like the setting, which is a bit unusual, and original. The graphics are very pleasant, although the interface may seem overwhelming and cluttered at times. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a turn-based combat system in place, a few characters to choose from (each with their own abilities), as well as cards that you can swap out to try different combos. All of this makes for interesting gameplay.

Despite the pros, there are cons as well. Being a free-to-play game, Oz: Broken Kingdom makes use of microtransactions and the dreaded energy system, which greatly hinders anyone’s progress. It gets worse because of the competitive elements of the game, like arena PvP, where it can simply be unfair to those who do not want to pay out of their pocket.

With all of this in mind, we searched the depths of the internet for a cheat tool that could alleviate some (or preferably all) of the annoyances, giving each and every player the full experience of this otherwise great game. The tool we found does more than enough to achieve this.

Oz Broken Kingdom Generator

The screenshot above shows the Oz Broken Kingdom Hack and all of its features. It gives you the possibility of generating two of the most important “currencies” in the game – emeralds and essences, which will give you all the advantages of paying players. One additional option enables you to get infinite energy, eliminating the last, most troublesome element from this game. Of course we chose this cheat over others because of how easy to use it is, but also because of security – to describe it briefly, this hack sends spoofed packets as the game communicates with the servers, making them “think” all the changes on your account are legit. In other words, there’s practically no chance for you to get banned.

Download below:

Download Oz: Broken Kingdom Cheat Tool

To use the program, download it and launch it on your PC. Select the appropriate device (either Android or iOS) and press “Connect”. Wait for a short while, the status text at the bottom should notify you once it’s done. Next, type in the amounts of emeralds and essence that you want to receive, select the infinite energy option if you wish, and press “Start!”. The hacking process can take anywhere from 30 seconds up to a few minutes, depending on the communication with the server, so be patient. That’s it, enjoy!