Order and Chaos Duels Hack

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Order & Chaos Duels is a TCG developed by Gameloft for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its universe is based on that of Order & Chaos Online, an MMORPG by the same developer, so it has a pretty solid ground to stand on. The art, both the graphics and the audio, are of high quality with not much to complain about. It’s not very surprising that the game quickly gained a massive fanbase, with many thousands of people playing, which can only be viewed as a positive thing.

Looking at the cons leaves us with a bit of an unpleasant feeling, though. Sure you can play this title at your own pace, without worrying about all the premium content, packs and whatnot. It goes without saying, however, that premium players have a much better experience. By premium we mean anyone who spends a considerable amount of money on runes or gold, both of which can (and will) make the gameplay much more enjoyable. It’s difficult to build a good deck without tons of runes.

The Order and Chaos Duels hack is practically the only acceptable solution to all the people who do not want to spend a mini-fortune. It only serves one purpose, really – that of a currency generator. But it’s all you’ll ever need. Additionally, the in-built system makes it undetectable. Without too much of a technical jargon – the hack utilizes a few loopholes in the game’s code, allowing it to modify the amounts of gold and runes, while replacing the packets which are sent back to the server. This way, you get what you want, and the server is tricked into “thinking” that you’ve obtained the currencies in a legit way.

Order and Chaos Duels Cheat

This is the cheat that will allow you to add free runes and gold. As you can see the interface is really easy to use, and you can always click on Instructions if you need extra help. The hack works for both Android and iOS.

Download below:

Download Order & Chaos Duels hack tool

To use the tool, download and launch it on your desktop computer. Make sure your mobile device is connected, either via USB or Bluetooth, then select it’s type in the interface and press “Connect”. Once the program establishes a connection to your mobile device, you can type in the amounts of currencies that you want, and press “Start”. It shouldn’t take more than 1-3 minutes. That’s it, have fun!