MyNBA2k14 Hack

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MyNBA2k14 is a mobile app developed by 2k Sports, which is a “companion” for the popular console title, NBA 2k14. It allows its users to view information from MyPlayer and MyCareer modes, as well as stats and records from the online component. It’s also possible to collect cards and battle against other players.

Even though there’s not much to add to this app, we found a nifty little tool for it, and decided to add it to our directory.

The MyNBA2k14 Hack is a simple program that can be used to add as many credits as you want. Clever scripting used in this tool guarantees the credits it generates are permanent, as the changes cannot be detected in any way.

MyNBA2k14 Hack

The hack works for both iOS and Android. An auto-update feature is included, in case the developers of MyNBA2k14 change something and render the tool unusable.

Download below:


Download MyNBA2k14 Hack

To use the cheat, connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, launch the hack, select iOS or Android (depending on your device) and press “Connect”. Once connected, type the amount of credits you want generated, and hit “Generate”.