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Monster City is a mobile game similar in concept and appearance to many other games, for example Dragon City. The gameplay isn’t anything new – you start out small with just a few monsters and habitats, few coins, some food. The goal is to breed the monsters and get new types, build houses, habitats to get coins, and farms to get food. It’s a decent game to play every now and then.

Of course, like with most such titles, Monster City has a quick, easy start. The timers get progressively longer the more you play and the further you get, urging you to purchase and use the premium currency, Bucks. They kinda look like gems, maybe emeralds, but they are Bucks. So, if you want to have fun while in end-game, you will have to spend real world money. It’s a very standard scheme, which of course doesn’t mean it isn’t bad. That’s why we have introduced a new tool to our directory.

The tool we are talking about is a Monster City Hack. With this hack you will be able to generate any amount of Coins, Food or Bucks. The best part is that while the game is somewhat protected against cheating, it’s not really enough, especially for this tool which takes your account security very seriously. The way it works prevents any changes from being detected – they appear as if you earned the resources in game, or bought them.

Monster City Generator

As you can see, this Monster City cheat tool has a rather simple interface, which means it is easy to use. Still, if you run into any problems, you can just click the Instructions button. The hack works for both iOS and Android versions of the game.

Download below:

Download Monster City Hack tool

To use the program, download it onto your PC, then launch it. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the PC (via USB or bluetooth), then press “Connect”. This shouldn’t take more than a minute, and the program will tell you once it’s done. Next, type in the amounts of resources you want to receive, and press “Start”. That’s it, have fun!