Monkey King Online Hack

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Monkey King Online is a browser-based, free to play MMO RPG. It’s a game inspired by the Chinese “Journey to the West”. It’s a decent experience for solo players, but features a lot of common MMO activities, such as PvP combat, team dungeons (instances), guild battles and arenas.

The game has a few currencies, and some paid options. Which, of course, means some players can enjoy it more than others. We’ve recently found a good hack for the game, and it is now available in our directory, so that free players can have as much fun as paying ones.

The Monkey King Online Cheat we found can be seen below. We chose that one for a good reason – security. There are almost no tools for this game, and the few that are available lack in safety. This hack is the only safe one to use, because the way it works is practically undetectable to r2games’ servers.

Monkey King Online Cheat

The Monkey King Online Hack can be used to generate Taels, Vouchers and Gold for the game, in any amount for free. It can also be used to upgrade your account to the paid VIP status, once again – for free.

Download below:


Download Monkey King Online Hack


To use the hack, launch it on your desktop computer, type in your email (or username) and the amounts of currencies you want, then press “Start hacking”. It doesn’t matter whether you are logged in or not, the cheat will work. However, you may need to relog to see the changes.