Microsoft Points Generator

Microsoft Points Generator

Microsoft Points are a form of currency used for the Xbox and Zune product lines. More specifically, they are used to buy digital content, such as video games, music and videos.

MS points were discontinued on August 26 2013, and all remaining points were converted to local currencies. Is this post completely pointless, then? No, not at all – keep reading.

Because of the obvious popularity of Xbox and microsoft in general, many skilled teams jumped on the opportunity to create a working tool/hack/generator/whatever-you-wanna-call-it that’d flood your account with points. Few succeeded, and, as expected, nearly all tools became useless after the update on August 26 of the previous year.

Nearly all?

Some people were not discouraged by the change. What we found out on one of the foreign websites was that all the systems for converting points into currency are still up and running – this means all of the working code generators required just a bit of tweaking.

The tool presented below is the only one that we know of which survived the August update.

MS Points Generator

It works just like its legacy version (by generating a real code and redeeming it through your account), with a few changes that make use of the new conversion system.

Download below:


You can expect to gain ~$5 (or an equivalent in your local currency) for every 400 points generated.