Magecraft Hack

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There are quite a few projects on the internet named “Magecraft”, this post is about the Facebook strategy game developed by Plarium. Just like¬†Sparta: War of Empires, Magecraft is technically very similar to other games released by this company. Despite following the same mechanics and style, each game has its own theme, great art, music and features. They are definitely worth playing.

If you are a veteran of Facebook games, you most likely know what to expect – a freemium title with microtransactions and tons of timers. The timers can be skipped with the use of the game’s premium currency, which also gives many different advantages over other players. Like in most games today, being a paying user means you can have much more fun and dominate others. With the tool we’ve recently added to our directory, you can both keep your money and enjoy all the top features of Magecraft.

The Hack for Magecraft we’ve found can be used to boost your account with resources and the premium currency (crystals). You practically cannot get banned for using this hack – it was programmed with security in mind, which was proven by our tests and monitoring. Any changes made by it are undetectable to the game servers.

Magecraft Hack

As you can see above, the hack can be used to generate crystals and all of the 4 resources – food, lumber, iron and stone. It’s also possible to disable all timers (eg. timers on recruiting new units, construction).

Download below:


Download Magecraft Crystals Hack

To use the cheat, launch it on your desktop computer, type in your facebook email address, then the amounts of currencies / resources you want added. You can also select the option to disable the timers. Next, click “Start”. It shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.

Once the hack is done, you might need to relog if you were logged in.