Lunaria Story Hack

Lunaria Story Hack

Lunaria Story is a rather unique game, as it is a side-scroller and MMORPG in one. Beautiful graphics and enjoyable gameplay are included.

The game may not be that popular (yet), but we received a request to include a working tool in our directory. And so, here it is. It will let you generate gold, silver and vouchers. There are also a few other, useful features, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at!

Lunaria Story Hack


As you can see above, the interface is pretty neat. All the features are even neater – you can add gold, silver or vouchers to your account. You can also enable infinite HP (invincibility) for your character, infinite MP, 1-hit kills (touch any opponent once and watch it perish), or upgrade your account to VIP.

This Lunaria Story hack also includes a semi-auto update feature, and from what we’ve learned, the way it works is undetectable for Lunaria Story servers. Enjoy your ban-free ride!

Download below:


Download Lunaria Story Hack


We recommend you stay logged out while the tool is working, and for a short moment after it’s done.

The “additional features” can be disabled by running the tool again, with the features you don’t want anymore selected, except VIP which is permanent and cannot be removed from an account.

Have fun!