Lunar Battle Hack

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Lunar Battle is a building/management game by Atari, available for Android and iOS devices. It’s a rather standard game when it comes to its mechanics, and follows the rules of other, popular city builders. What makes it stand out is the theme – it’s set on some sort of a moon, light years away from earth. This gives the game a pretty unique and cool atmosphere. Another thing that makes it different is a bit of space combat, where the player can control a spaceship and fight other players, pirates and the like.

While Lunar Battle doesn’t have too many annoying mechanics, it still suffers from the free-to-play-but-has-microtransactions syndrome. This puts non paying players at a great disadvantage and can make the gameplay a bit frustrating. Therefore, if you do not want to spend all your money on credits, we have a simple solution.

The Lunar Battle hack that we’ve found has just one feature, but that’s all you need, really – the credits generator. The programming behind the tool is very well done, and it uses one of the current glitches/backdoors in the game’s system, which allow it to modify the database and change the amount of credits assigned to any account. This change is practically undetectable, because it utilizes the already existing communication between the game and the servers. No developer hires people to manually go through tens of thousands of records in the database every day.

In other words – you won’t ever get banned for using this tool, and the changes won’t be reversed.

Lunar Battle Credits Cheat

This is the Lunar Battle Cheat that we’ve picked for the directory, because of the reasons mentioned above.

Download below:

Download Lunar Battle Hack

To use this cheat, download the program on your PC and launch it. Next, connect your mobile device, select the appropriate type (iOS or Android) and press connect. Once connected, type in the amount of credits that you want your account to have, and press start. The hacking process should take around one minute, up to three at most. Have fun!