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Krosmaga is a collectible card game (CCG) developed by Ankama, currently available for windows, iOS and Android. The CCG genre seems to be very popular, and new games revolving around cards are released on a daily basis. Few of them, however, are as polished and fun as Krosmaga. On top of that, this game also mixes in some elements from tower defense games, which makes for an interesting and fresh gameplay. As a (huge) bonus the graphics, artwork and sounds are all very well done.

Like in all CCGs the main long-term goal is getting better cards, and building a truly mighty deck that most players will fear. There’s a small “but” though – the grind can be painfully slow if you are not willing to pay real money. Sure, it might not be a problem for people who are really into this game and spend many hours playing, but if you also want to play other games, or simply want to have fun without being bored to death, you will have to pay. Or use some other means of getting unlimited Kamas, the game’s main currency. It is possible through the use of the newest tool in our directory.

The Krosmaga Kamas Hack that we found and added is the perfect solution. It works across all platforms that the game runs on and is safe. It’s also fairly easy to use, but if you have any doubts you can read the instructions at the bottom of this page, or hit the Help button in the program itself.

Krosmaga Kamas generator

As we mentioned, this cheat is safe. Even though the game is online-only, the hack makes sure your account is safe by spoofing the packets sent back and forth between the servers and you. This happens after the amount of Kamas is changed locally on your device. Because of the way it’s done, the game servers “think” you got the Kamas in a legit way, by playing or purchasing it. Krosmaga accounts are never checked manually (because of the amount of players) unless something triggers the automatic anti cheat system. This hack was built specifically with the system in mind, and does a really great job at avoiding it.

This Krosmaga Kamas generator also has an auto update feature, so you don’t have to worry about downloading new versions yourself.
Download below:

Download Krosmaga hack

To use the cheat, download it and launch on your PC. If you are playing the game on your PC, just select “Desktop” and press “Connect”. Make sure the game is running in the background, and it should connect in just a few seconds. If you are playing on a mobile device, connect it to your PC (via USB, bluetooth, etc.), then select the appropriate type – iOS or Android – and press “Connect”. Connecting to a mobile device can take up to a minute.

Once connected, type in the amount of Kamas you want to receive, then press “Hack the Game!”. Have fun!