Knight’s Fable Hack

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Knight’s Fable is a browser-based MMORPG game developed by Youzu Games. Its gameplay and style are almost identical to other titles of GTArcade and R2Games, but it brings a new (although simple) story, new characters, classes for the players to choose, and a party customization system which allows you to hire heroes in taverns and add beasts from dragon caves.

Knight’s Fable is a freemium style game, which means you can play it for as long as you’d like without paying a dime, but most powerful items and fun features require you to spend some real cash. There are different, better ways of obtaining the game’s premium currency, and the hack we’ve found and added to our directory recently is one of them.

The Knight’s Fable Hack shown below can be safely used to add the premium currency to your account. We’ve tested and monitored this tool’s behavior, which proved great focus was placed on security. This hack acts as if you really bought gold, or earned silver in the game – there is no difference to game servers, so you don’t have to worry about being banned, or the changes being reversed.

Knight's Fable Hack

As you can see, the cheats are very simple to use. This program can add Gold and silver in any amounts. It’s also possible to upgrade your account to any of the 10 VIP levels, for free, of course.

Download below:


Download Knight's Fable Gold Hack


Using the hack is simple – launch it on your desktop computer, type in your character name, the amounts of gold / silver you want to add and (optionally) the VIP level to upgrade your account to. Press “Start” and wait for the tool to do its magic, it shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.