Klondike: The Lost Expedition Hack

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Klondike: The Lost Expedition is a farming simulator game created by Vizor Interactive, and is available on Facebook. Most of its features are just like in all the other games of the same genre, like Hay Day or Pioneer Trail. You start off with a small plot of land where you can build various buildings, grow plants and so on. Klondike is a great, polished game, with its own neat features like the possibility of going on expeditions, completing quests, trading and playing with your friends, all in a very aesthetically pleasing environment.

As great as the game is (for Facebook’s standards), there are of course things like timers, an energy system and a premium currency, which can be bought for real world money. While doing all of the initial quests, you will be supplied with generous amounts of energy, coins and all the goods, but as you progress through the game, the timers will get much more annoying, you will be constantly out of energy, and many of the good things will be only accessible with the premium currency. This is a rather common strategy in today’s freemium games industry, but we have a tool which can get rid of all the commercial features of the game, and make it much more enjoyable for you.

The Klondike: The Lost Expedition Hack is a tool which can be safely, and easily, used to generate any amounts of the premium currency or the regular one, to get rid of timers or to not worry about energy anymore. It’s a simple but very effective tool that was coded by a small team of foreign programmers. In simple terms, the way it changes your game is by modifying the code on the server through a “backdoor” of sorts, which means the automated systems cannot ban you, and in fact, the server will “think” you really bought the premium currency, earned coins in game, waited for the timers, etc.

Klondike The Lost Expedition Cheats

As you can see above the hack can be used to generate and add any amounts of coins and emeralds to the game. The two additional features can be used to disable timers entirely (crops will be available for harvest instantly after planting, for example), or to give you infinite energy.

Remember you can achieve almost everything in the game just by generating and using emeralds – restore energy with the food bought with them, make plants grow instantly with the fertilizers, hire workers and so on.

Download below:


Download Klondike The Lost Expedition Cheat


To use the cheats, launch the program on your desktop computer and type in your facebook email. Then, type in the amounts of coins and emeralds you want to receive, optionally selecting the “Disable Timers” and “Infinite Energy” options, and press “Start”.

You don’t have to be logged into facebook or the game for the hack to work. If you are, however, you may need to relog to see any changes.