Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars Hack

Kingdoms of Zenia Logo

Kingdoms of Zenia Dragon Wars is a town building/strategy game available for Android and iOS, created by Zhurosoft. It’s similar to titles like Clash of Clans or Throne Rush, but not quite the same, and has its own twists like the way battles are played out with two armies facing each other, which does require some planning and tactics.

This game, just like many others, require a lot of time to get anywhere because of the unbearable timers, a premium currency and so on. Once again we’ve searched the deep internet and managed to find a Kingdoms of Zenia hack, test it, verify it and post here for you. It’s a simple enough app that can be used to make the gameplay much easier and much more satisfying.

Resource generator

As you can see above, the Kingdoms of Zenia cheat can be used to easily add any amounts of the game’s main resources (gold, lumber, wheat, stone and iron) as well as gems, the premium currency. Gems will allow you to skip all timers, making it possible to instantly recruit troops, expand your town, gather resources etc. We have tested this tool to make sure it’s working as intended, and above all that it’s safe. This cheat is undetectable because of the way it works, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned – our old test accounts are still up and fine with ridiculous gem piles.

Download below:

Download Kingdoms of Zenia hack

To use the tool, download it, launch it and connect your mobile device to your computer. Select either iOS or Android (depending on what your device is) and press connect. This process shouldn’t take more than 10-20 seconds. Next, type in the amounts of resources you want to receive and press generate. This part can take up to 2-3 minutes, but is usually much faster than that. Enjoy!