Iron Force Hack

Iron Force Logo

Iron Force is a game from Chillingo and Cool Fish Games that’s all about tanks. Basically, it’s World of Tanks on mobile devices. Of course it offers less features than its PC counterpart, but that’s understandable. The graphics are decent for a mobile game and it can be a lot of fun to play.

BUT, and that’s a huge but, there are many flaws and annoyances that make the game impossible to enjoy for a lot of people. Let’s start with the simple fact that Iron Force is pay to win, at least in some ways. The best tanks cost a lot of money and only people with plenty of diamonds (the game’s premium currency) can get them quickly. Tank upgrades take time, and you can skip the timers if you use diamonds. Then there are paints and decals that significantly increase your damage, armor or speed, and so on. Not to mention hackers and updates that erase all of the progress of some people.

Now that doesn’t sound very fun, right? This is why we went ahead and searched the internet for a good tool for this game. We found a reliable Iron Force hack that has plenty of features and even a diamond generator built in. Using it seems like a fair thing to do, because Iron Force is p2w to begin with, and other people are hacking too while the developers do nothing to stop that.

Iron Force Cheat Tool

This picture shows how the program looks like. It’s not very complicated and has a good amount of options to choose from:

  • God Mode makes you impossible to kill
  • 1-Shot Kills is pretty self explanatory – every tank you hit just once will be destroyed immediately
  • Instant Reload means you don’t have to wait between shots
  • No Timers eliminates the need to wait for tank upgrades, for example
  • No Collision enables you to move through buildings, terrain etc.
  • Speed Hack multiplies the normal movement speed of your tank, making it possible to move up to x200 times faster

The diamond generator button opens a nifty little window that lets you generate diamonds:

Iron Force Diamond Generator

All you have to do is type in an amount that you want to receive and press generate.

Download below:

Download Iron Force Hack

After downloading the tool launch it on your computer, then plug in your mobile device, select iOS or Android (depending on the device) and press connect. After it’s connected, select the features that you want to be enabled on your account and press start. If you don’t want to use the speed hack, simply leave it at x1. The diamond generator can be used separately and you don’t have to use any of the other options for it to work.