IMVU Credits Generator

IMVU Credits Generator

IMVU is an “online social entertainment website”, but I’m sure calling it a feature-rich game focused on social interaction works better. Either way, it’s a good place to spend your free time and have some fun with others.

According to wikipedia, IMVU has a catalog of over 6 million items that you can buy for your avatar (in-game character). Countless possibilities of customizing your character. Unfortunately, if you want to acquire a satisfying amount of items from the catalog, you’ll have to pay real $ for credits.

There are other ways to earn IMVU credits, such as completing boring offers or doing other tasks for almost nothing in return.

We are sure many people would benefit from having as many credits as possible, without paying anything for them. The tool we found on a foreign forum, IMVU Credits Generator, is just perfect for that purpose.

Download below:


Download IMVU Credits Generator


Using the tool is simple: run it on your PC, type in your email/avatar’s name (without the Guest_ part if you are on a free account), select the amount of credits you want and let it do its magic.

There’s also an option to upgrade your account to VIP status, for free of course. According to the creator of the tool, the VIP upgrade lasts for a full year (365 days). Last time we tested it, that was indeed the case, enjoy!