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Imperia Online is a browser-based strategy / kingdom management game. It’s been on the market for a long while now, which makes it one of the more established titles in its genre. It’s a well-made game with solid mechanics, where skill and patience really play a significant role, even as a free player.

That of course does not mean you can’t help your kingdom a little bit. Even with the server restarts in place, the more established alliances (and people who buy gems) will always have the upper hand. You can easily change that with the tool we found and added to our directory.

With the Imperia Online Hack, becoming powerful is a breeze – you will easily be able to dominate your surroundings and repel any attacks against you (or in case something goes wrong – rebuild extremely quickly).

Imperia Online Diamond Hack

As you can see above, the hack is packed with various options:

Diamond Generator – lets you add gems in any amount, for free.

Instant Options – makes it possible to skip timers on research, building, travel and army recruitment.

Resource Generator – lets you add any of the three main resources to your capital. Adding them to other provinces, colonies, trading posts or military posts is not possible at the moment. Adding gold is not possible either, it’s a limitation coming from the way Imperia Online handles this resource (the creators of this tool are currently working on adding this feature; selling resources on the market and pillaging other players is your best bet now).

This hack also comes with an auto-update feature, and several security measures in place that make the changes impossible to detect for the game’s servers (which was proved by our tests and monitoring).

Download below:


Download Imperia Online Hack


To use the hack, launch it, type in your Imperia Online account email and press “Connect”. Once connected, select your desired server from the server list and the features you want, then press “Start”.

You don’t have to be logged in for the hack to work, but may need to log out and back in to see the changes.