Ikariam Hack

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Ikariam is a browser-based MMO game of the strategy genre, produced and maintained by Gameforge.

There are many games like Ikariam, but it’s definitely one of the more popular ones. It is a lot of fun, although the gameplay may be excruciatingly slow for some people. If you want to acquire a virtually unlimited amount of resources for any of your towns, we found the perfect tool for you!

With this Ikariam hack you can generate any amount of building material, wine, marble, crystal or sulphur, for any of your towns.

Ikariam Hack

What’s worth noting is that you simply cannot get banned for using this tool, because of the way it works, which is (in an easy to understand sentence) – by accessing Gameforge’s database through a “backdoor” and injecting the code. The changes it makes are undetectable, and technically speaking, there is no difference between using this tool and waiting for days/months to get the resources you want.

Download below:


Please note this tool can only be used on your desktop computer.

Have fun!