Ice Age World Hack

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Ice Age World is an iOS/Android game, also available on facebook, that’s a loose part of the Ice Age franchise. You’ll have a chance to meet the good old characters such as Sid or Diego, all in a finely crafted setting. The graphics are very well done and are pleasant to the eye. The sounds are good and fitting as well. Gameplay wise, it’s your every-day farming game, with few twists. You can visit your friends’ farms, trade and help each other out.

Like all such free games, Ice Age World uses microtransactions to make money. We’re sure everyone is used to this model, and the game can still be very much enjoyable, even if you’re not willing to spend a small fortune on it. Nevertheless, the prices can be quite high, and the timers get ridiculous as the game progresses, but we have a simple solution for that.

The Ice Age World Hack that you can see below is a powerful tool that can meet the needs of any player. We chose it over other such cheats because of how reliable and easy to use it is. The method by which it connects to the game servers (and applies changes) also makes it pretty much undetectable.

Ice Age World Generator

You can use this hack to generate any amount of both Shells and Acorns. Additional options let you remove all timers, which will make every action (growing plants, production) happen instantly, and unlock everything the game has to offer, which will let you build all the structures, regardless of level.

Download below:

Download Ice Age World Hack

To use this cheat, download it onto your PC, launch it and connect your device (either iOS or Android) via USB or bluetooth. Press “Connect”, it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to detect your device and make a connection. Next, type in the amounts of resources that you want to receive, optionally selecting any of the two features. Then, press “Start”, wait for up to a minute and enjoy!

If you are playing on facebook, open the game in your browser and have it running in the background, then select facebook in the hack and press “Connect”.