Hockey Stars Hack

Hockey Stars Logo

Hockey Stars is a sports game available on mobile iOS and Android devices. Its main focus is on multiplayer gameplay, playing match after match against other players and climbing the rankings. The graphics and audio are okay for this kind of a game, still, they aren’t anything special.

Hockey Stars is often compared to Soccer Stars, another game by Miniclip. The opinions are mixed – some people claim Soccer Stars is better, others don’t. Regardless, there is a lot that could be improved but won’t be, because the developer wants to make as much money as possible. Because of this players have to pay out of their pocket quite often if they want to get somewhere. This is where we come in with a Hockey Stars hack that we found and added to our directory.

The hack we found is pretty simple, so anyone can use it without any special knowledge, while being powerful enough to completely eliminate microtransactions without any risks.

Hockey Stars Cheat

The picture above shows the cheat. You can use it to hack the game on either iOS or Android. It’s possible to add as much cash and as many coins as you want. There is no risk because of how this program works – essentially, it masks all of its actions so they look legitimate to the game servers.

Download Hockey Stars Generator

To use the hack connect your mobile device to your PC (either via USB, Wifi or Bluetooth), type in the amounts of the currencies you want to receive and hit “Hack the Game”. You shouldn’t have to wait more than a minute.