Heroes vs Monsters Hack

Heroes vs Monsters Exp Hack

Heroes vs Monsters is a game created by Triniti Interactive. It’s pretty safe to assume it was inspired by an older title, Battleheart, which could be classified as a “pocket RPG”.

While HvM is free to download and play, there are still in-app purchases which can make the game more fun to those who can and want to pay. We found a simple tool to fix the problem.

The Heroes vs Monsters hack can be used by anyone and completely eliminates the need for IAP, and gives you a few other neat features.

Heroes vs Monsters Cheats

As can be seen above, the cheats include infinite upgrades on weapons and armor, infinite level ups, the possibility of using legendary heroes in a team of regular heroes, and one of the most sought-after feature – the gold generator, which can add gold (any amount!) directly to the game, for free.

Download below:


Download Heroes vs Monsters Hack


To use the cheats, simply connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, then launch the hack. Press “Connect” and, once connected, select all the features you want and hit “Start Hacking”. It shouldn’t take more than one minute. That’s it, have fun!