Heroes of Camelot Hack

Heroes of Camelot Hack

Heroes of Camelot is a Roleplaying Multiplayer Battle Card Game, created by Kabam, Inc.

While the game is a lot of fun at its core, Kabam may be steering towards making as much money as possible, rather than positive user experience. And that’s where we take action by giving you a simple yet powerful solution.

The Hack presented below is all you really need to enjoy the game, as it should have been since the beginning.

Heroes of Camelot Infinite Stamina

You can use it to add gold and gems, enable infinite stamina and mana, or get infinite arena tickets and summon stones.

There are also some neat features, such as updating directly from the GUI and a small debugging tool (almost never seen in game tools such as this one).

Download below:


Download Heroes of Camelot Hack

To use this tool, you will need to run it on your desktop computer, and then connect your mobile device to it.