Flappy Bird Download (.APK .IPA)

Flappy Bird Download

As some of you may know, Flappy Bird, the silly, super simple and super popular game was removed from the market. Its popularity grew even more right after – no real surprise there. iPhones with the app installed were selling for thousands of dollars. Utter, flappy chaos. Why would people buy them though? That’s a mystery. Perhaps they have nothing better to do but spend $10,000+ to get Flappy Bird. But we won’t judge*.

Either way, Flappy Bird was and technically still is a free-to-download game, with it’s revenue coming from in-game advertisements. It’s still possible to dig through the internet and get the installation files for Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa).

We did all the digging for you, and brought Flappy Bird to our directory, so that you can download the installation files right away.

Download below:


Alternate Download


You’ll have to move one of the installation files (.apk for Android and .ipa for iOS) to your mobile device, and install Flappy Bird from there. Sending the file via bluetooth should work best in most cases, as your phone will ask you what to do with it. You can then execute and install it right away.



* We lied.