FaxPro Credits Hack

Fax Pro Logo

Fax Pro is a mobile application developed by Perception System. It’s used to send and receive faxes through your mobile (as the name would suggest).

It is probably one of the best solutions if you want to fax something quickly (PDF, pictures) on the go. The app uses credits as a currency of sorts that is the basis of all its functions. The credits can be purchased with real money, or if you are clever, acquired for free with the tool we’ve recently found.

The credits hack for Fax Pro is a small program that can connect to your mobile device and quickly modify the app.

Fax Pro Credits Generator

As you can see above, the tool is pretty simple, but it does its job brilliantly. As always, we’ve monitored its behavior while it was working. The results show there are a few security measures implemented in the program, that make the changes impossible to detect.

Download below:


Download Fax Pro Credits Adder

To use the hack, connect your mobile device to your desktop computer, then launch the hack. Select the type of your device (Android, iOS or Windows Phone) and press connect. Once connected, type in the amount of credits you want added, and press the big “+ CREDITS” button.