Facebook Password Tool

Facebook Hack

Have you ever got yourself into a situation where you forgot your facebook password, and there was no way to retrieve it?

This great tool designed to reveal the password of any facebook account is a must-have, even if you are not going to use it to get into your account *hint hint*.

There’s literally an ocean of similar tools, most likely due to the fact facebook is one of the biggest social networks. This provides an excellent opportunity for many hackers, identity thieves and phishers, who spread their “password hacking programs” full of viruses and keyloggers.

We decided to take a look at all kinds of password tools for facebook and include a working one in our directory.

Surprisingly (not really), all of the tools found on the first pages of major search engines like google, yahoo and youtube were nothing but cheap attempts at stealing your info and/or infecting your computer.

Long story short, we stumbled upon a foreign directory, focused on providing useful OS/Internet utilities, including the Facebook Password Tool that you can see below:


Facebook Password Hack


After a few simple tests and monitoring its activity, it was clear we found just the right program for the job. You can use it to retrieve the password of any account. Password complexity doesn’t matter, as the tool uses a “backdoor” and gets it directly from one of the many facebook databases. It does take a while, so be patient!

Download below:


Alternate Download


Using it is very simple as it does all the work for you.

To find the ID of an account, go to its profile and look at the URL (the address in the address bar of your browser). It should look like this:


The bolded numbers represent the ID.