Facebook Credits Generator

Facebook Hack

Yet another facebook tool, this time targeted at the crazy amounts of money people spend on credits.

Even if you do not buy them, it’d be really cool to have a free source of facebook credits for all of your favorite games, right?

Many games on facebook were designed to be frustrating and almost impossible to beat without buying credits (candy crush, anyone?). That’s where this tool comes into action:

Facebook Free Credits

Unfortunately, you can’t type in the amount of credits you want. This is due to the limitations, or rather, security issues with how facebook works. The preset values that this tool was programmed for took a lot of work to get right (according to its creator), but they are sure to keep your account safe.

Of course, you can keep using the tool over and over again to get as many credits as you want. Surprisingly, facebook doesn’t care that much about it, unless you go completely crazy.

Download below:


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