Elvenar Hack 2017

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Elvenar is a browser-based, strategy and city building game, created by InnoGames. At the beginning, the player has a choice of playing as humans or elves. Next comes a pretty short tutorial that introduces the player to the basic ideas of the game. From that point on, we are on our own. There’s a good amount of complexity and things to do, from building the city itself – which includes design, proper road connections, decorative buildings that increase culture – to training an army and combat.

There are things we can complain about, however. This game is free to play. You can play for as long as you want without paying a dime, but obviously paying players receive many benefits. So it is essentially a pay to win experience which we all hate so much. If you buy lots of diamonds, you can get more builders, cut building/production times, get resources easily and so on. So you throw your money at the game – you achieve MUCH faster progress. If you are reading this you’d probably agree this isn’t very fair.

The new Elvenar Hack that we tested is the perfect solution that can balance the game for non-paying players. Or just make the experience more fun if you don’t visit the game very often. We used it on 6 of our Elvenar accounts, on different servers, testing its stability, security and reliability, over a period of 2 weeks. At this point, all of those accounts are still up and fine, with all the resources we added. Because of the way this hack works, there is no risk of getting banned.

Elvenar Cheat

As this picture shows, the hack tool can be used to add any (or all) of the resources – Coins, Supply, Knowledge Points or Diamonds. There’s also an additional option, “Disable All Timers”, that makes construction, production and everything else instant. If you need help using this program, see the bottom of this post. You can also press the “Instructions” button in the hack itself.

Download below:

Download Elvenar Diamonds Generator

To use this program, download it onto your PC and launch it. Make sure you have your browser open with the game running (you have to be logged in). Next, simply type in the amounts of the four resources that you want to receive. You don’t have to go for all the resources, for example if you only wanted diamonds, you could leave the other 3 fields empty. You can also select the “Disable All Timers” option. When ready, press “Start” and wait for a short while. The progress bar and status text will tell you once the process is done. That’s it, enjoy!