EBay Gift Card Generator

An EBay Gift Card Generator, yes you read that right. This is yet another “unusual” addition to our directory, but it works with a 40% success rate (as claimed by its developers). We ran some of our own tests, as usual, the success rate hanged around ~44%. That’s incredibly high for this kind of tools.

This Generator lets you, well, generate (duh) as many gift codes as you want. You can then use them during checkout on Ebay to pay for anything you won in an auction.

The EBay Gift Card Generator comes from a few Russian guys who managed to figure out the algorithm EBay uses in their gift codes. Some of the generated codes are invalid, however, or were already used in the past, and that’s the only reason why the success rate won’t go any higher than 40%.

Still, a few tries which will probably take a minute or two is certainly better than paying out of your pocket.

Download below:


Download EBay Gift Card Generator

Alternate Download


Run the .exe file on your PC and hit “Generate”, then try to use your code during checkout. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t work, generate a new code and try again.

Use responsibly! Enjoy!