Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Hack

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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a new game released by NEXON. It’s a free to play ARPG / hack and slash game that takes you through a series of missions where you slaughter masses of enemies, and to be honest, it is fun. The graphics are not breathtaking, but they can look pretty good, especially in some cutscenes. On top of all of this is a story that some players may find interesting, but in the end it’s all about swinging your weapons, furiously, in all directions.

Receiving mostly favorable reviews, this title is a nice, solid addition to the series. It’s quite nostalgic for a lot of players, but of course no game is perfect. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed suffers from a few annoying flaws. End-game tends to be grindy, pvp is obviously imbalanced because of players that buy tons of ingots, and so on. In general, it’s a tough place for free players, which is a shame really, since the game can be so much fun if you have all the resources you need.

The issues mentioned above made a few of the hacking groups rush into action, and now, some time after the game’s release, we had a good selection of tools to choose from. The Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed hack that we chose for our directory has a generator that lets you add both Ingots and Jades. It works for iOS and Android. This specific cheat also uses a glitch in the server structure (a “backdoor” of sorts), which enables it to add resources to practically any account in a way that’s undetectable. This means you can’t get banned for using it.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Hack

We tested this cheat tool right after it was released. Our accounts haven’t been banned, and all the ingots we generated are still there. This program is simple to use – you can read the instructions at the bottom of this page if you need help, or go to the creators’ website by clicking “Visit our Site” in the hack.

Download below:

Download Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Ingot Generator

To use this program, download it onto your PC and connect your mobile device to the PC (for example by USB or bluetooth). Next, select your device type (iOS or Android) and press “Connect”. A pop up window will notify you once the device is connected. All you have to do now is type in the amount of ingot and jade resources that you want and press “Start”. The hacking process can take up to one minute. Have fun!