Dragons World Hack

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Dragons World is a fun and addictive game created by Social Quantum Ltd. It’s one of those titles where you are given your own floating island and a few dragons to start you off. The goal is to accumulate resources, build new habitats for the dragons and most importantly breed them to create new and rare types of dragons. It’s not a new concept in mobile games industry and lots of other companies follow this path. Dragons World stands out though, with beautiful 3D graphics and PvP battles.

If you have any experience with mobile games you will know right away what this game is trying to pull off. It has good, addictive gameplay, crystals, which act as premium currency that you can buy with real money, timers (that get progressively longer) which you can get rid of by using crystals, and a lot of items / dragons and other features that you can access using the premium currency. If you didn’t have to worry about dishing out too much cash on this game, it’d be a great way to spend some time and have fun. Fortunately, with the tool we’ve recently acquired, you can play Dragons World the way you want, completely for free.

This Hack for Dragons World is the best solution for anyone who can’t or simply doesn’t want to pay a ton of money for crystals. We have selected this tool because of how it modifies the values in the game. The changes imitate real app behavior, or in other words – the game servers can’t tell the difference. It’s as if you actually purchased the crystals, or earned other resources the normal way, which means you won’t ever be banned, and the changes won’t be reversed.

Dragons World Crystals Hack

As can be seen above, this Dragons World hack can be used to add any amount of crystals to the game, as well as gold and food.

Download below:


Download Dragons World Hack


To use the cheats, launch the program on your desktop computer, and:

  • If you are playing the game on facebook, skip the “Connect” section entirely, but remember you must have the game open in your browser;
  • If you are playing it on your mobile device, connect it to your computer, then select either iOS or Android and press “Connect”.

Next, type in the amounts of Crystals, Gold and / or Food that you want added to the game, and press “Start”. The hacking process shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.