Dragons: Rise of Berk Hack

Dragons Rise of Berk Logo

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a freemium model, village building game developed by Ludia. It is an app loosely based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. This game can surely feel familiar to people who like its genre.

At first, everything is a lot of fun, the timers are not annoying at all, and the development of your home village is going smooth. But as with many games of this type, Dragons: Rise of Berk earns revenue from in-app purchases, by giving players the option to purchase runes. If you don’t want to spend money, we’ve got something that can help.

The Dragons Rise of Berk Hack we found recently is a well-developed tool, which makes great use of the implemented security measures. Judging by our tests and monitoring, there is no way for the changes to be reversed, or your account banned – the changes are undetectable for the servers that store game’s data.

Dragons Rise of Berk Hack

This cheat can be used to add any amount of runes, wood or fish, effectively removing the need for spending IRL money.

Download below:


Download Dragons Rise of Berk Hack


To use this cheat, connect your mobile device to your desktop computer and launch the hack. Press “Detect and Connect” and once connected, type in the amount of runes, wood and fish you want. Press “Start” and wait – the process shouldn’t take more than a minute. Have fun!