Dragons and Titans Hack

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Dragons and Titans is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) style game with some RPG elements, developed by Wyrmbyte. This title has some interesting features that stand out from the crowd, such as the legendary weapons system, which allows players to give their characters two additional skills and create interesting skill sets. The battles in this MOBA are very fast-paced and usually last for 10 to 20 minutes.

Dragons and Titans has a pretty good freemium system, where the battles are usually balanced, and the game doesn’t urge you to buy anything every few minutes. Players who pay have some great advantages though, like progressing through the game much faster, or using additional runes (basically, skills) bought with the premium currency, which could definitely be labeled as pay-to-win. With the tool we’ve acquired, you can enjoy all premium features (and more) – for free.

The Dragons and Titans Hack which was recently added to our directory can be used to generate any of the in-game currencies, and change some of the stats of your character (such as speed and damage dealt).

Dragon and Titans Hack

As you can see above, this cheat for Dragons and Titans can be used to add all of the currencies – Crystals, the premium DragonBucks and War Marks. Its other features allow you to modify the movement speed of your dragon (up to a maximum of x20), the damage you deal (also up to a maximum of x20) and the last option, god-mode, gives you infinite health and mana.

Download below:


Download Dragons and Titans Hack


To use the cheats, launch the program on your desktop computer, then type in your facebook email (if you are playing on facebook), or your in-game username (if you are playing the steam version). Type in the amounts of currencies you want added to the game, select any of the additional features (speed hack, damage hack or god mode) and press “Start”. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 1 minute.