Dragon Story Hack

Dragon Story

Dragon story is a really fun game, and we are pretty sure anyone who played it would agree. There are many colorful dragons to raise, all the way from a hatchling to a mighty and powerful adult. Taking care of the dragons, breeding them and discovering rare and unique hybrids is where the core of the game lies. It all takes place on beautiful islands. What more could you ask for?

Well, actually, every player could use more food, coins and gold. You could of course buy gold for real money, but that drains the “fun” part out of the game quickly. It drains your pockets even faster.

There are many cheats and hacks for Dragon Story floating around the internet. We determined this tool to be the best – it works for both iOS and Android, is very easy to use and contains an auto-update feature for future releases.


Download Dragon Story Hack


There are two possible ways to use it:

Run it on your PC and connect your mobile device to it. If done correctly, all you have to do next is type in the amount of resources you want and let the tool do its magic.

Second way may be more convenient for some people – simply download the tool and transfer it to your mobile device, then run it from there.