Divosaga Hack

Divosaga Jewel Hack

Divosaga is a hybrid, browser-based  game. It’s a Friendster-exclusive webgame that combines the concepts of role playing games (RPGs) and real time strategy (RTS) games.

Although it is free to play, there are a few things that require you to spend real world money. Fortunately, we found a solution for that.

This Divosaga Hack is one of the few working tools we were able to find, but it’s definitely the best.

Divosaga Jewel Hack

You can use it to generate virtually unlimited amounts of coins and (more importantly) jewels. There’s also an option for enabling VIP membership.

We decided to post this hack instead of any other because of how secure it is. Where other tools lacked, this one delivered – after some monitoring we did it was clear you won’t ever have to worry about your account.

The interface and juicy blue colors sure are a nice bonus.

Download below:


You can be logged in while the tool is working, but you will need to relog to see the changes. Enjoy!